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Handmade Gothic Jewelry and Accessories
with unique designs.
Created to be one of a kind or limited series.
Nickel free.

If you’re looking for gothic jewelry,
for an unique item with no copies,
you’re in the right place.
My works are created to be one of a kind or rarely limited series.


Born in 2009, our name is inspired by a Dead can Dance song.
All designs are unique and come from the creativity of an only artisan,
strongly and deeply fascinated by gothic subculture.

Music is a very important part in our subculture and life;
the most pieces come from our inevitable need to wear something praising it,but far from ordinary.
My works combine this feeling with the charm and womanliness that every girl/woman deserves to show and the importance that every boy/man should give to details.

Many designs are inspired to past eras and movies.

All works are made with high quality materials and supplies.
Many components are completely hand-carved,so they’re unique.

The Spider Stratagem supports animal rights.
All materials and supplies used for my creations are selected and boycott all components of animal origin,all forms of cruelty and exploitation on animals.
100% VEGAN and 100% CRUELTY FREE.